Our teaching methods develop sound technique, creative dynamics, and above all, the joy of movement.

Creative Dance

(Ages 3 - 5): Develops basic motor skills, expressive coordination, and self-confidence while learning the joy of movement with music.


Dance Movement

(Ages 5 - 7): Basic dance technique in jazz and ballet is introduced with emphasis on correct body alignment/beginning movement skills. Dance combinations are built to increase movement memory.



Pre-Ballet (Ages 4 - 6): Develops rhythm skills, strength, coordination, and musicality. This class teaches basic technique and vocabulary in a fun, expressive way.

Creative Pre-Ballet (Ages 4-6): A wonderful blend of the musicality and movement freedom of Creative with an intro of beginning ballet basics.

Ballet 1 (Ages 6 - 9): Emphasis on a solid technical foundation in Ballet, with a development of rhythm, skills, ballet vocabulary and musicality.

Ballet 2/3 (Age 7 and up): For older and more experienced ballet students; increased technique and combinations.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet for Jazz (ages 11 & up):  Designed to improve strength and technique in ballet with a focus on correct placement, flexibility, balance, and musicality to gracefully strengthen the dancers physique.



A beautiful blend of ballet and jazz using strong musicality and emotion.

Lyrical 3/4 Intermediate (Must be level 3 or above)

Lyrical 4/5 Advanced  (Must be level 4 or above)

Teen/Adult Lyrical Ballet (Beginning level for ages 13 and up)




*Jazz 1-5 classes meet twice a week.

Jazz 1 (Ages 6 - 10): For beginning students; no prior dance required. Fun, energetic and exciting dance style with emphasis on basic ballet and jazz technique, strength and flexibility.

Jazz 2 (Ages 8 -12): For returning students or dancers with training in other dance forms. Jazz is vibrant and full of energy. Learn the latest moves while working on a strong technical background.

Jazz 3 (Instructor consent): Previous dance required. This class offers many styles of jazz while building on a solid technical background and strength in choreography.

Jazz 4/5 (Instructor consent): Building on strong jazz technique and choreography, dancers should be able to execute double pirouettes, picque turns, chaines and all jetes.

Jazz 5/6 (Instructor consent): This class progresses for the advanced dancer. Many styles of jazz with the emphasis on contemporary.


Hip Hop

Hippity Hop (Ages 4-6) A creative style of hip hop with movement and music geared for the little ones.

Hip Hop for Kids: Beginning (6 and up)/Intermediate (8 and up) Fun, popular class with an emphasis on age appropriate dances.

Open Hip Hop (Ages 11 and up)

Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop (Ages 12 and up): For intermediate to advanced dancers. Faster moving with more combos taught.